Temporary Fence

Need high quality temporary fence panels, stands, and panel clamps for your next event or job site? We have a large inventory of 6’ x 10’, 6’ x 12’, and 8’ x 10’ panels to meet your needs. All panels are constructed with a sturdy 1-3/8” x 16GA tube frame with a 2-1/4” mesh and one vertical brace in the center. Our panel stands are built with a 1-5/8” frame for increased durability.

Each stand can support two panels side-by-side, with the panels slipping in over the upright sections of the panel stands. When thinking about the needs for your next job, consider that you will need the same number of stands as panels, plus one more stand. Windscreens are also available.

Please note that we do not rent any fence panels or equipment.

  • Temp-1
  • Temp-2
  • Temp-3

We have a large inventory of temp panels in stock!

Temporary Fence
Our panel stands are built with 1-5/8” .065 frame, 1 5/8” sch 40 middle brace, 3/4” OD uprights.
The middle brace is perforated, and uprights are inserted inside the brace and welded
for increased durability.

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